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When You Use Renter Personas -
You Get Better Leads for Less Money

Learn how to take generation characteristics and turn those into kick-ass renter personas that will revolutionize your digital marketing strategy

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Improve Your Leads


Enhance Resident Experience


Generate Better ROI



Use Generation Information to Understand Your Community Demographics

Stop wasting money on the wrong marketing tactics. By developing a deep understanding of each generation, you can craft marketing strategies that will reach your target demographic in a cost-effective and more impactful way. 

ebook - 40+ pages of research

More Than 40 Pages of Research

Instant access to in-depth research into the wants, needs, and habits of each generation

Guided renter persona template

Guided Renter Persona Template

Step-by-step guided template to create the perfect renter persona for your apartment community

Sample Digital marketing Strategy

Sample Digital Marketing Strategy

Take your brand new renter persona and use it to improve your digital marketing strategy

Breaking Down the Generations

From social media usage to preferred amenities - discover what matters most to each generation of renters. Then use that information to improve your marketing strategies. 

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Meet the Millennials

Do Millennials prefer location or upgrades? How important are pet-friendly amenities? Should you advertise on Snapchat? 

Get the answers in Chapter 2

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Booming with the Baby Boomers

Why are Baby Boomers turning back to renting? Is Facebook a valuable channel? Does the personal touch still matter? 

Get the answers in Chapter 4

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Zooming with the Zoomers

Do Zoomers prefer renting or buying? Should you focus your efforts on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube? Do they use an ILS or the community website?

Get the answers in Chapter 1

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